West End Stadium



By The Numbers

Stadium Footprint Acreage 12.4 acres
Total Square Footage of Stadium Footprint 518,000 square feet
Tons of Steel 8,500 tons (all U.S. fabricated)
Cost of Steel $45 million
Soccer Capacity Est. 26,000 – 26,500
Number of Entrances 6
Canopy Roof Coverage 360 degrees
Seats Covered by Canopy Roof Every seat
Number of External Fins 513
External Lighting Type LED (Variable)
Total Length of Façade Fins 28,600 feet (equivalent to 5.4 miles)
Total Length of LED Façade Lighting 13,400 feet (equivalent to 2.5 miles)
Playing Field Dimension 110 yards x 75 yards
Distance from Touchline to Seats 15 feet on the West; 18.5 feet on the North, East and South
Number of Premium Club Areas 4
Total Premium Club Capacity 4,500
Number of Suites 59
   Including oversize/party suites 5
Capacity of The Bailey 3,100
Slope of The Bailey 34 degrees
Seating for The Bailey Safe-Standing (every seat)
Slope of Upper Deck Seating 34 degrees
Closest Seat to the Field 15 Feet
Furthest Seat from the Field 130 feet
Concourse Width 30 feet
Restrooms 30 (14 men, 16 women)
Home Team Locker Room Size 10,350 sq. ft.
    Includes Locker Room, Lounge, Coaches Offices, Athletic Training Suite, Warm-up Area
Additional Team Locker Rooms 4
Referee Locker Rooms 2
Press Box Seating Capacity 75
TV Booths 3
Radio Booths 4
Auxiliary Media Booth 1
Control Room Size 700 sq. ft.
Broadcast Truck Bays 6
Number of Scoreboards 2 (North and Southeast) plus ribbon-style boards that wrap all the way around from Northeast Corner to Southwest corner
Size of Club Store 9,000 square feet on two floors
Location Northeast Corner
East Plaza Acreage 1 acre
Location East Side
Grand Plaza Elevation 30 feet
Location East side (Central Parkway)
Kitchen Size 10,500 sq. ft.

Important Dates of Note

Groundbreaking December 19, 2018
Start of Foundation Work July 2019
Start of Steel Work November 2019
Upper Bowl Complete Spring 2020
Steel Work Complete Summer 2020
Canopy Roof Complete Summer 2020
East Garage Complete Summer 2020
Seat Installation Begins Summer 2020
Grass Installation Fall 2020
Seat Installation Complete Fall 2020
Scoreboard Installed Late 2020
Exterior Completed February 2021
Permanent Exterior Signage Installed Early 2021
Interiors Completed February 2021
Grand Opening & First Game March 2021

Fun Facts

  • West End Stadium is scheduled to open 18 years to the month after the opening of Great American Ballpark

  • At 12.4 acres in space, West End Stadium is twice the size of Washington Park – just a few blocks away … additionally the area equivalent to six Fountain Squares can also fit on the stadium’s footprint

  • There are 513 external fins designed to create the stadium’s unique moving vertical design, an ode to the city’s area code

  • The 59 suites in West End Stadium will be the most in an MLS venue that doesn’t also host an NFL team

  • For comparison, the distance from the field of the furthest seat in the building – 130’ – equals the maximum height allowed of a commercial building in Washington, D.C. … the distance also equals the length of two half-semi trucks, and is the wingspan of a Boeing 757 airplane

  • The Mercy Health Plaza is three-fourths the size of a football field

  • The team’s store footprint is equivalent to three tennis courts

  • The length of the stadium’s 1,200 auger cast piles (which create the deep foundation system) would equal the height of 117 Great American Towers if laid end to end

  • The stadium’s steel order (8,500 tons) is equal to the weight of 42,500 lions … it’s also more steel that was used to build the Eiffel Tower in Paris