West End Stadium



Stadium Construction Update: September 2019

Inside The Fence

  • We continue with concrete foundations on the job.

    • Digging, forming, placing, and finishing.

  • We removed Central Avenue to get ready for the pitch.

  • We’re preparing for slab on grade.

    • As we backfill the dirt, we’ve got to add guardrails around the holes (elevator pits, steel connections, etc.)

Underground Utilities

  • We continue with underground utilities that will run underneath the concrete slab.

  • Trench boxes help keep workers safe while they place and connect conduit.


  • We’ll start slab on grade soon.

  • We have work in Wade Street starting October 7th.

  • We’ll prepare to have steel onsite.

Stadium Construction Update: August 2019

Inside The Fence

  • We continue with concrete footers and grade beams at the stadium’s foundation.

    • Rebar adds strength to the concrete.

    • We use trucks, buckets, and pumps to place the concrete in the forms.

Underground Utilities

  • We also have to coordinate among all the trades to make sure underground utilities go in where they’re supposed to.

    • Electrical and plumbing contractors place their pipes to run under, and into, the stadium.


  • We’ll continue placing concrete footers and grade beams for the stadium foundation.

  • We’ll also continue underground piping for the stadium plumbing and electric.

  • Structural steel is currently being fabricated in Alabama for a schedule start on site in December.

Stadium Construction Update: July 2019

Inside The Fence


We’ve started placing rebar and concrete for the structure. This concrete connects to the augercast piles we dug earlier in the job.

  • Digging – We remove the dirt in specific areas for the footers/beams.

  • Forming – We build wooden “forms” to hold the concrete.

    • Rebar – We place reinforcement steel to help strengthen the finished concrete.

  • Placing – We then place the concrete inside the forms for it to set.

Outside The Fence

  • We continue rerouting pipe under/beside Central Parkway.

  • We also repaired pipeline through trenchless pipe repair.

    • A sleeve is pushed through the existing damaged pipe.

    • Steam heats the sleeve liner to expand it inside the pipe.

    • The old pipe now has a smooth liner.

    • A camera checks the new liner to make sure there are no problems.



  • We’ll continue placing concrete footers and grade beams for the stadium’s foundation.

  • Underground piping for the stadium plumbing and electric will go in as well.

  • Construction of the East Parking Garage will begin soon.

Additional Info

  • In July, we had a “Bottom’d Out” Party to say thanks for all the hard work we had done up to this point.

  • This party also celebrated the completion of augercast piles.

Stadium Construction Update: June 2019

Inside The Fence

  • We continue "drilling & filling" augercast piles

  • We removed walls on the north side to continue with the piles.

  • Hard rains have been a factor.

Outside The Fence

  • We rerouted pipe under Galena Alley. Now we’ve turned north on Central Parkway

  • We removed the pavers on Galena, placed the pipe, and then replaced the pavers up the alley

  • We’re currently working on Central Parkway to connect pipe underground


  • We will continue work going up Central Parkway.

  • We will be in the road installing underground pipe.

Additional Info


Heat Related Illnesses

  • As we move into the summer months, we focus on heat on the jobsite.

  • We discuss risk factors, symptoms, and preventive measures to beat the heat.

  • Risk Factors – high temps, heavy physical labor, low liquid intake

  • Symptoms – headache, dizziness, fainting, nausea, confusion

  • Prevention – training, drinking water, modified work schedules, frequent breaks, designated cooldown areas

 Stadium Construction Update: May 2019


Inside The Fence

Overhead Map.jpg
  • We have started deep foundations/augercast piles.

  • Over 1200 piles will be drilled for the construction of the stadium.

  • Ironworkers will tie rebar cages that will then be placed in each deep foundation pile.

  • Arranged end to end, these piles would be equal to 117 Great American Towers stacked on top of one another.

Outside The Fence

  • We’ve made significant progress in the 42” water pipe on Central Parkway.

  • We connected a large Y-section of pipe to the existing pipe in the the existing pipe in the tunnel

  • We used a crane to pick up and place the connection piece.

Upcoming - Currently Reviewing

  • Concrete foundations

  • Underground plumbing

  • Underground electric

Stadium Construction Update: April 2019

Welcome to the first monthly FC Cincinnati stadium construction update for our neighbors and community. Please note, activity is subject to change. Updates will be sent between newsletters as needed.

Expected Activity in April

  • Deep Foundations will begin

  • Foundations are supported with augercast piles.

  • For most of the stadium site, these will be drilled into the soil to minimize noise and vibration.

  • We will begin on the northern portion of the site and work south towards Ezzard Charles.

  • The new 42" water lines at Central Parkway and Ezzard Charles will be connected.

  • Connections or “tie-ins” to the existing water line in the old subway tunnel is scheduled for early April.

  • A new line replaced a 100+ year old water line. We recognize the inconvenience this has caused. The positive outcome is the quality of the new pipe.

  • Also connecting the new 12" pipe along John Street for residents.

Road/Lane Closures

  • Ezzard Charles: This week, we will use a crane to lower a Y section of the water main into the tunnel located at Central Parkway and Ezzard Charles. This is expected to last two days and there will be some road closures on Central Parkway as well as the entire westbound lanes of Ezzard Charles remaining closed.

  • In early April, we will work extended hours during the waterline connection work on Central Parkway and Ezzard Charles. This work in the tunnel is expected to take 10 days.

  • Westbound Ezzard Charles between John Street and Linn Street will reopen April 4th. All lanes on Ezzard Charles are expected to reopen April 15th.

Recap of March Site Work

  • The decorative medallions from the former State Theater were saved for repurposing later.

  • Soil in the site was moved to bring the stadium pitch (field) to the correct height.